1. Introduction      

         Masochism and the Slave Image  

         What Is Russia?  

2. Some Historical Highlights  

         Religious Masochism    

         Early Observers of Russian Masochism           

         The Slavophiles  

         Masochistic Tendencies among the Russian Intelligentsia         

         Masochism and Antimasochism     

         Recent Developments  

3. Two Key Words in the Vocabulary of Russian Masochism        



4. Masochism in Russian Literature           

         Selected Masochistic Characters  

         Dmitrii Karamazov      

         Tat'iana Larina  

         Vasilii Grossman's Thousand- Year-Old Slave         

5. Ontogeny and the Cultural Context        

         Clinical Developments since Freud        

         Is Masochism Gendered?      

         The Masochist's Questionable Self and Unquestionable Other           

         Normalcy and Cultural Variation           

         The Swaddling Hypothesis Revisited      

6. The Russian Fool and His Mother         

         A Surplus of Fools       

         Ivan the Fool      

         The Fool and His Mother      

7. Is the Slave Soul of Russia a Gendered Object?      

         Patriarchy Conceals Matrifocality         

         Ambivalence toward Mothers        

         Suffering Women         

         Suffering from Equality        

         The Double Burden and Masochism       

         The Male Ego and the Male Organ        

         The Guilt Factor          

         Late Soviet and Post-Soviet Developments     

8.Born in a Bania: The Masochism of Russian Bathhouse Rituals    

         Cleansing Body and Soul      

         Digression on Russian Birches       

         The Bania-Mother        

         The Prenuptial Bath     

9. Masochism and the Collective      

         What It Means to Be a Zero           

         Sticking One's Neck Out in the Collective       

         A Post-Soviet Antimasochistic Trend?  

         Some Theoretical Considerations         

         Submission to the "Will" of the Commune in Tsarist Russia      

         Aleksei Losev: Masochism and Matriotism     

         Berdiaev's Prison Ecstasy   

         A Blok Poem: Suffering Begins at the Breast           

         Dostoevsky's Maternal Collective          

10. Conclusion