A.         Minimal Semiotics

B.         The Evolutionary Perspective

C.         Sociobiology and Psychoanalysis

D.        Sociobiology and the Unconscious

E.         From Altruism to Identification

F.          Identification and Other Similarity Processes

G.        Some Current Ideas on Hominid Evolution

H.        Some Sexual Consequences of Bipedalism

I.            Upright Posture and Repression

J.           Upright Posture and the Origin of the Family

K.        Terminological Problems

L.         The Absence of an Ovulation Signal

M.      The Diversity of Human Sexuality



Signs of the Flesh


1. Is the Female Orgasm Adaptive?

2. Bringing the Males Around

3. In Search of the Female Orgasm

4. Sex Surveys

5. Female Orgasm and Female Choice

6. The Specter of Infidelity

7. Fake Orgasms and the Male Ego

8. The Misery Factor

9. Four Functions of Female Orgasm

10. An Ontogenetic Precursor of Mr. Right: I

11. Blast From the Past

12. An Ontogenetic Precursor of Mr. Right: II

13. "Matriarchy" and the Hand that Rocks the Cradle

14. The Sign of the Father

15. The Ontogenesis of Mrs. Right

16. Oedipal Facts and Fictions

17.Males Too    

18. The Complementary Iconicities of Human Mating     

19. Avoiding Incest and Exchanging Icons        

20. Marriage and Economics     

21. Incest and Defective Iconicity      

22. Why Men Pay for Sex           

23. The Husband as Mother-Icon      

24. Male Altruism as a Sign       

25. The Semiotic Virgin     

26. The Female Bodyguard        

27. The Maternal Origins of Love       

28. The Maternal Origins of Altruism

29. Reciprocation and the Breast       

30. The Origin of linguistic Reciprocation           

31. Some Adaptive Values of Language  

32. The Role of Obscenities        

33. The Child's Brain and the Mother Tongue  

34. Dating the Origin of Language     

35. Rhythms and Synchronies in Sexual Interaction          

36. Sex Differences and the Differential Rendering of Altruism           

37. The Supreme Parent is the Supreme Scapegoat  

38. Male Dominance and the Male Organ

39. The Other Side   

40. The Power Asymmetry of the Sexes 

41. From the Nipple of the Dominatrix to the Penis of the Dominator             

42. Penile Possibilities        

43. The Personified Penis  

44. Forms of Evidence for Castration Anxiety    

45. Has Castration Anxiety Been Selected For?         

46. The Next Best Thing to Castration

47. The Homosexual Hominid  

48. The Threat of the Bloody Vulva    

49. From Castration Anxiety to Couvade

50. The Social Father as a Second Mother          

51. The Couvadishness of Herr Schreber

52. A Man's Couvade Is Never Done

53. One Last Form of Envy        

54. Semi-serious Coda



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